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Washing Machine Tips (Part 2)

5. Use the right amount of detergent
Don't listen to the detergent packaging, follow the washing machine's manufacturer's manual. If you have soft water, you may also want to reduce the amount of soap you use.

6. Keep it clean!
Residue can build up in the machine. Clean the inside once a month to prevent residue buildup.

7. Clean the dispensers
If you have a dispenser for your soap or softeners, clean that out once a month as well. Build up here can cause a loss of function, so make sure it stays clean as a whistle!

8. Squeaky clean!
Detergent can spill on the outsides and get in cracks that can cause problems with internal functions. If there is a spill, clean it up!

9. Rust?
If paint has chipped off, repair the paint job immediately. Otherwise your machine can start to rust!

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