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How to tell if your washer is about to die

Please click here for an excellent article which tells you more about these indications of a dying washer:
  • It makes loud and excessive noises
  • It uses too much or too little water
  • It isn’t cleaning your clothes very well
  • Your utility bills have suddenly skyrocketed
  • You constantly overload the machine
  • You use too much detergent
  • There’s an odor that just won’t go away
  • Your washing machine is ancient

When Your Appliances Are Most Likely to Break Down

Knowing when appliances are more likely to break down can help prevent you from being caught unawares.

According to the first U.S. Appliance Repair Affordability, Reliability and Seasonality Report released by Puls, appliance repairs are needed more in summer months. That’s one reason you should avoid overusing heat-generating appliances during the summer, advises energy analyst Matthias Alleckna. “Whether the dishwasher, washing machine, or the fridge, these machines can generate more heat inside your home in summer, so it’s better not to make them work too hard on hot days.” And whichever appliance you’re using, avoid overloading them, he shares. “The more volume and weight inside these appliances, the harder they will have to work,” he explains.


Fix requests for fridges generally spike in July, with a normal fix cost of $242. However, the report alerts that bills can skyrocket to up to twice that amount.


Freezers cost an average of $348 (and more if they need a repair). This is more than any other appliance surveyed in the Puls report. Like its brother, the refrigerator, they may huff and puff just a little bit more when its warm outside than in colder months. You can extend the life of your freezer by cleaning it often.


Dishwashers likewise work harder in warmer months. A good sign that a breakdown is coming: It stops draining after a wash cycle. The normal expense to fix a dishwasher is $204, which may really be reasonable considering its many uses.


Ovens tend to overheat in the summer, but they also can be stressed out in the wintertime, especially if you find yourself tempted to use it as an additional heat source when it’s frigid outside. (Note: This is hazardous and potentially deadly if you have a gas oven. Don’t do it.) Oven repairs cost $226 on average.


The average microwave repair bill is $195, so it’s a good idea to know what’s safe to microwave to keep it in tip-top shape since that cost is higher than the retail price of many brand-new microwaves.

Washing machine

Washing machines can be vulnerable to cold or hot temperatures in an uninsulated garage or basement, so keep a close eye on them in the summer and in the winter as extreme temperatures have the potential to wreak havoc. The average repair bill for a washing machine runs $221.


It’s worth considering the idea to cut back on drying certain items of clothing to relieve stress on a dryer in the winter when it might not get hot enough, or the summer, when it can overheat. (You can line dry or invest in a drying rack.) The average cost to repair a dryer is $209. You’ll also want to avoid these other ways you’re shortening the lifespan of your washer/dryer.