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Washing Machine Tips (Part 1)

1. Inspect your Hoses
The connections from the hoses to the machine can show signs of weakness, and should be checked a couple times a year. Any cracks or bulges indicate that you should replace the hoses. Most manufacturers recommend you replace the hoses every 5 years.

2. Prevent Flooding
If your machine floods, you want to minimize or prevent water damage. A water shutoff system, which prevents water flow when a malfunction is detected, is a great addition to your machine. Another great one is an overflow pan, which catches any dripping or flooding water.

3. Don't Overload

Loading your machine at the proper limit is essential to preventing any malfunctions.

4. Keep it level
If your machine is on a slant or all 4 legs are not on the floor, it could cause problems and wear out your machine quickly. Take steps to make sure your machine is properly positioned.

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