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Fridge Maintenance Tips

1. Check the Seals
A seal that doesn't seal properly, you'll be spending more money cooling what's inside. If its not sealing properly, make sure that food isn't stuck in it. If there's no food, try the dollar-bill test: close the door with the bill in the door so that its half in/half out. If the dollar slips out, call the pro's.

2. Clean Coils
If the condenser coils are covered in gunk and dust, the fridge wont cool properly. Unplug the fridge and clean them at least twice a year.

3. Is the Price Right?
Make sure your fridge is set to the recommended temperature: 37 degrees for fridge and the freezer at 0 degrees.

4. Fill 'er up!
Fridges are made to work properly with food in them. If you eat out most of the time, just throw some jugs of water in there.

5. Be a Boy Scout: Be Prepared
If the power goes out, don't open it. Doing so will let the cold air out and they wont be able to get cold again, potentially ruining the food inside.

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