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Refrigerator Tips (part 2)

6. Clean your Coils
The condenser coils at the back of the fridge are important to keeping your food cold. Make sure that there isn't any built up dust around them! Check your coils at least a couple times a year.

7. Frosty - no man!
If the frost in your freezer is 1/4 inch thick, its time to do something about it because your freezer is working waaay harder than it needs to. Thaw out your freezer and get that frost out for a nice reset button!

8. Put a lid on it!
Don't put containers of liquid in the fridge without a lid. The moisture will get in the air of the fridge and will make the compressor work harder than it has to, and not to mention frost and/or condensation.

9. A clean fridge is a happy fridge!
The last tip is another no brainer, clean your fridge! Build up in the fridge can cause your fridge to work harder than it has to, and it can cause problems for other food products as well.

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