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How to cut laundry room energy costs (Part 2)

The average family does 300 leaks of laundry every year. Each load costing about $0.68 or about $204 yearly. Now, there has to be a way to minimize that cost, right? Yes! We have 10 tricks to help save energy in the laundry room!

5. Spin zone
When clothes spin faster in a dryer, they dry faster. If your dryer has the option, pick the fastest spin cycle.

6. Lint
Removing lint after every load helps your clothes dry faster, and thus uses less energy.

7. Warm it up!
If possible, have your laundry room be warm. Having it be cold makes it so the dryer has to work harder.

8. Get gassy
Gas dryers typically cost $0.15-$0.33 less than electric dryers per load.

9. Let nature take its course
If the weather is nice outside and you have the time, consider setting up a clothes line. They dry your clothes for free!

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