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How to cut laundry room energy costs (Part 1)

The average family does 300 leaks of laundry every year. Each load costing about $0.68 or about $204 yearly. Now, there has to be a way to minimize that cost, right? Yes! We have 10 tricks to help save energy in the laundry room!

1. Use cold water
Heating up the water while washing your clothes costs a fair amount of energy. By switching to cold water you can save an average of $35/year.

2. Run full loads
If you are running loads of laundry that aren't full, that means that you're doing more loads of laundry. More loads of laundry means more energy bills.

3. Energy efficient washing machines
If you're machines aren't energy efficient, you will be spending more money for more energy. An energy efficient machine will save you about $24 a year.

4. Front loading machines
These washing machines use about 2/3 less water, which means much less water to heat up!

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