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Tips for loading your dishwasher the right way (Part 1)

The dishwasher is a valuable modern appliance. It allows us to clean our dishes quickly without much thought. However, its important to know how to use it the right way to ensure your dishes are as clean as they can be. Here are some tips to help your dishwasher wash dishes!

1. Load bowls and cups upside down
You don't want the dish water collecting in them

2. Leave some space between dishes
Aater and heat need to make even contact with the entire dish in order to properly clean them. This can't happen if they're touching other dishes.

3. Fragile and small stuff up top
The top rack isn't as intensive with it's cleaning cycle. THis will keep fragile and small dishes safer from breaking.

4. Angle dishes
Angling your cups as much as you can will make it so water won't puddle on the top of your dishes.

5. Don't load cups on top of the tines
Tines are the things that hold the dishes in place. These are made to have dishes between them instead of on top of them. Putting dishes on top of them could break both the dishes or the tines over time.

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