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Garbage Disposal Maintenance

You almost never think about your garbage disposal. You wash bit of food off the dish you were washing and down into the drain to be grinded up. After that, you don't worry about your garbage disposal again until its time to start over. However, failing to do the proper maintenance can be a costly and smelly mistake. Here are the top maintenance habits you should have for your garbage disposal:

Run your garbage disposal often, even f you're not disposing of anything. This prevents rust and buildup.

Clean the blades
Pour some dish soup and let it run for a minute.

Back to the grind
food materials such as chicken and fish bones, egg shells, and fruit pits are not only ok but good for the garbage disposal. They scrape and clean material off of the blades and the walls.

Not the whole enchilada
Big items should be cut into smaller bits so they don't overwhelm the disposal.

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