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Summer is upon us, and our freezers are feeling it!

With hotter temperatures, comes higher energy bills to keep your freezer running at it's best. However, those bills can be lowered by making sure your freezer is working properly. Here's 3 tips to get your freezer working at it's highest efficiently.

Clean Coils

Cleaning the coils is essential to having any freezer running effectively. Besides getting the occasional dust out of the way, you should also unplug and wash the coils with warm, soapy water at least once a year.


If your freezer ends up accumulating an inch or more, it is time to defrost. Ice any thicker makes the freezer retain bad smells, not keep things as cold, and wastes a lot of electricity. To defrost, unplug and remove everything from the freezer and keep all of it as cool as possible in another fridge or freezer. Keep the freezer unplugged and defrosting till the ice is gone. After that, wipe it dry.

Air Circulation

For a freezer to run its most efficiently, it needs to have enough for air circulation to go all the way around it. This makes it so that the coils don't get dust faster, and need to be defrosted less often.

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