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11 tips to efficiently use your appliances to save money (part 1)

Are your power bills higher than you'd like? There might be a couple things you can do to lower them by using your appliancces properly.

1. Cool

The simplest, most cost effective way of reducing your appliance bills is using cold water for your laundry. If you don't have to heat up the water, you're using less power! 

2. Fill 'er Up!

Another no-brainer is to make sure your loads of laundry are full. You're wasting money when you only throw a couple things in!

3. Towel Dry

When drying your clothes, make sure towels are in their own load. Clothes dry a lot faster when they're not in loads with things we use to sponge up water!

4. Use Your Senses!

Your clothes may be done long before the dryer stops going, and during that time, you're wasting power! If your dryer has a moisture sensor, use it!

5. Let It Breathe

One thing that is an absolute must is cleaning out your dryer vent. This allows air to properly circulate, which dries your clothes faster. 


If you rarely clean out your dryer vents, the lint can build up and eventually become a fire hazard! Cleaning the vents could save you from a full house remodeling bill. You can buy dryer vent snakes from our store.

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