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12 Hints for Buying Large Appliances (part 1)

Buying appliances can be a worrisome ordeal, and we've been there. We pride ourselves in taking good care of our customers. We make sure they're informed, delighted with their purchase, and leave satisfied enough to come back for future needs!

1. So many options!

There's a couple of options you may not have thought of unless you came into the shop. In attempt to better prepare you for the range of purchase options, lets determine what you want.

Do you want a gas, coil, or glass stove top? What about induction vs electric?

A conventional or convection oven? Double or single?

A top-down or side-by-side refrigerator? Stainless steal? Filtered water and ice? A special drawer for vegetables?

What's your price range? Do you have a lot, or just a little? New or old?

If you feel a bit overwhelmed, we got your back. Call us at 208-344-6700 or stop by at 609 Orchard st, Boise ID.

2. Don't be a diamond

Being under pressure makes diamonds, but it also leads to impulse buys. Don't feel pressured to buy something you don't want or can't afford. We want to find the right fit for you.

3. Keep in mind what you're using it for

If you live solely on frozen pizzas, you're most likely going to want a freezer with a lot of space. If you're needing space for food with ingredients, you'll probably going to want more fridge space. Different styles of fridges have different proportions of their freezers and fridges.

But these style differences aren't just for freezers and fridges. There are different sizes of ovens, washer/dryer capacities, and numbers of stove heads. Keep in mind what you'd need your new appliance for.

4. Know how to care for your purchase

In college, we weren't always the smartest with laundry. Having no washer/dryer of my own, I had to use my grandma's. Desperate to get all my laundry done in a single visit, I stuffed the washer past the brim. 15 minutes later, the washer was moaning under the strain of my mountain of clothes. Luckily, grandma stopped it before the washer gave out, and gave me a short lesson.

The same applies for all other appliances. It may seem silly, but look up the proper use for any appliance you just bought. Some things you may never have thought of, like cleaning dryer vents, sweeping under ovens, and battling a washer's mildew.

Even a simple mistake could end up being costly in you're not careful. Ask us at All Brands Appliance if you have any question, we're professionals!

5. Measure, Measure, Measure!

If you have narrow hallways, or have some tricky corners, make sure your new purchase fits! It would be incredibly frustrating going through the process of buying an appliance, having it delivered, only to find out that you're just inches away from the finish line. To prevent this "close, but no cigar" situation, know the dimensions needed in order to properly install it.

6. Corvette of appliances?

Everybody likes the fanciest, newest, and coolest stuff. From phones, to cars, and yes, even to washers. However, you don't always need to go out to the car dealership and spend an arm and a leg when the cars at the used car lot works just as well (and doesn't hit your wallet like a ton of bricks).

Our used appliances are in EXCELLENT condition, and all come with a free lifetime service agreement! Best of all, we're the best bang for your buck in the whole valley!
Tune in next week for part 2!

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