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5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Oven

1. Don't use the self-cleaning feature before preparing a holiday meal.

The self-cleaning feature on an oven makes the oven heat up to 800-1,000 degrees - much hotter than normal. If an oven were to "pull a muscle", it would be during that sprint.

2. Don't go overboard with tin foil.

Foil reflects heat, which may unevenly cook food. Give your turkey an even tan by directing the heat in the proper way.

3. Don't forget the vents!

Vents in the oven allow good heat circulation, and thus proper cooking. Unlike the Death Star, we don't want to cover those vents.

4. Be careful where you aim!

Spraying cleaning products on control knobs may spark an electrical fire. Our object is to cook in the kitchen, not cook the whole kitchen!

5. Use the oven the right way.

Many use their ovens to heat their homes. Ovens are designed to keep heat focused on the food inside, and using it in this wrong way would just put it through unnecessary strain. This would be an especially risky move so close to the holidays.

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