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Keep Your (Freezer) Cool In The Summer!

If you have a freezer in your garage, you may discover that it's struggling (along with the rest of us) to keep cool this summer.

With extreme heat, the sides of your freezer may become too hot to touch.

That's because it's working harder and longer to maintain a cold temperature inside the unit.

One of the best strategies: ventilate your freezer.  Make sure it has at least 4 inches of ventilation on all sides.  This will allow the heat on the outside of the freezer to escape without getting something else hot.

If you're concerned that ventilation isn't solving the problem, feel free to give us a call -- 208-371-8676 -- or visit our website at www.expressappliancerepairs.com.  We'd be happy to inspect your freezer and make any recommendations, if necessary.

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